Neo 40 Professional

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60 quick dissolve chewable tablets

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Clinical Strength Heart & Circulation Formula. This patented formula helps the body increase production of nitric oxide, which is a gas that relaxes blood vessels for increased blood flow. Each tablet contains 425 mg Proprietary Nitric Oxide Blend, 400 mcg Folate, 50 mcg Vitamin B12, & 100 mg Vitamin C. Recommended dosage is 1 tablet per day, chew and swallow, drink water both before and after. Performance is optimized by consuming when bacteria are present in the mouth, i.e. after a meal or before teeth brushing.

This product is intended for adult consumption only, as children do not need to increase their Nitric Oxide levels.

Unfortunately, with age, Nitric Oxide levels decline. This can result in something called Endothelial Dysfunction, which is when the cells lining the inner walls of the arteries don’t function properly. If the blood vessels can’t widen when needed, blood flow gets reduced. The result is higher blood pressure, abnormal clotting, and an increase in stroke and dementia risk.

Another benefit of Nitric Oxide is to use it as a pre-workout supplement. Simply take one Neo40 a few minutes before starting your workout to enhance your blood flow, which by default enhances your oxygen transport to your muscles.

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  1. Robert Papak

    After taking this product for just a few days, my blood pressure has already gone down by over 15 points. Also, I feel like I have more energy. Yeah

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