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Your Immune System is the only defense mechanism your body has to ensure that health is a part of your daily life.

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90 Capsules per Bottle / 350 mg per capsule

Your Immune System is the only defense mechanism your body has to ensure that health, as opposed to disease, is a part of your daily life. Scientists world wide agree that the only difference between a healthy person and a sick person is a healthy person has a more effectively functioning immune system. Exposure to environmental toxins, bacteria, and viruses also exact a toll on your immune system. Sterol-Max Sterols help support immune system function by increasing the size and activity of white blood cells. Sterols are known to be highly beneficial in slowing down the absorption of LDL cholesterol. Enriching Gifts Sterols are solely from plant sprout sources.

Sterol Max, for immune system support, is always taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach at least 30-60 minutes before a meal – 3 capsules per day (for the first 30 days take 6 capsules per day if your immune system is compromised)


Proprietary Blend (Please call for details) of Certified Organic Sprouts (Note that Sprouts are chemically different than Plants):

• Wild Barley (sprouts)*
• Fenugreek (sprouts) *
• Soybean-(sprouts) *
• Wheat (sprouts) *
• Phytosterol Enriched Oilseeds (sprouts) *
• GR8CF-77™ (Plant Source Enzymes and minerals Carrier) *
• Capsule Composition: Mixture of Vegetarian & Gelatin
* Daily Values not established

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  1. Robert Miller

    When I started taking the Sterol Max my white blood cells were small and inactive. After 3 months they are now large and active. I don’t worry about having a weak immune system any longer.

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